Our Services

Services for Artists

Partick Artists is able to provide a suite of artist management services to all of its clients, as well as any artists seeking support in areas such as routing, grant writing, and royalty recovery. Partick’s dedicated staff is happy to support any individual or group wishing to expand their funding base or seeking professional consults with any of our staff.

Our grant writers have a proven track record of success in securing additional funding through the majority of Canada’s music and media granting bodies, such as the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and FACTOR.

Partick Artists is currently accepting new clients from anywhere inside Canada and the United States, but are happy to engage international artists seeking advice and opportunities for performing in Canada and the US.

An overview of our services is provided below – for more information, please contact us at bookings@partickartists.com , or alternatively by phone by calling 613-216-1465.

Services for Venues and Events

Partick Artists has an extensive history of event management. We are able to offer support in negotiating and securing musical talent for any private or public functions, as well as advice and resources in terms of promoting musical events. We specialize in acting as a booker for specific venues, in addition to experience booking season-based or year-round programming.

Partick has also liaised extensively with wedding planners in the past to provide a variety of live musical entertainment to fit just about any need or setting.