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a message from the president of partick artists

Welcome to the Partick Artists website, where you will find information regarding every aspect of our boutique agency / artists collective – what we do and where we operate; info about the artists we represent; as well as the latest in company news.

Partick Artists is best known for our commitment to creating sustainable relationships and performance opportunities for our artists. We are committed to representing a small but mighty roster of talented artists and performers to ensure a personal relationship. We also value and work hard to make sure that the presenters who book shows with us are also supported. We are excited to work with presenters and fans to help create performance opportunities for all of our artists.

At Partick Artists, we strive to provide an exceptional work environment in which our employees’ contributions and ideas are both recognized and valued. Our organizational structure is lean and efficient, empowering our agents with the ability to make decisions. Believing in the power of our people remains a vital element to our Company’s continued success.

We encourage you to browse our website, read about our talented artists, and learn more about what we do. You’ll find that we are in many ways unique, with ideas that combine old-fashioned agency principles with a modern take on venue options that focuses on available technology. It is this varied mix of virtue and ingenuity that will enable us to continue fulfilling our vision to create a sustainable environment for artistic performances.

Kenneth MacLeod
Partick Artists

our staff


Craig Cardiff Artist/Co-Founder

Email: craig@partickartists.com
Phone: 613-216-1465

Jesse Harding Director/Accounts

Email: jesse@partickartists.com
Phone: 613-216-1465 x29

Helen Hernandez Admin

Email: helen@partickartists.com
Phone: 613-216-1465 x24

Harper McRae Marketing

Email: harper@partickartists.com
Phone: 613-216-1465 x23



Why is the company called Partick Artists?

Partick is the name of a neighbourhood in Glasgow, Scotland, located on the north bank of the river Clyde. Partick Artists’ founder named the company after this neighbourhood as a tribute to his mother who grew up there.

In the 1700s, Partick was home to a Grain Mill, whose products and by-products local ducks would feed on – Partick came to be known for its abundance of fat ducks.